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Revol Greens company produces 16 million pounds-plus of lettuce at Cummings Valley greenhouse

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Revol Greens produces more than 16 million pounds of lettuce annually at its massive greenhouse in the Cummings Valley west of Tehachapi a little more than two years after its first harvest there.

The greenhouse operated by Revol Greens since 2021 opened in October 2014 and was once used by SunSelect to grow tomatoes and bell peppers. But in January 2020, the British Columbia-based firm announced the sale of the 65acre greenhouse facility to Equilibrium Capital, an investment company focused on sustainable real estate investments.

Revol Greens leases about half of the greenhouse from a subsidiary of Equilibrium known as CEFFII Tehachapi Property, LLC.

Founded in 2017, Revol Greens is the largest greenhouse lettuce producer in the U.S. In addition to its original location in Owatonna, Minn., the company now operates in Athens, Ga., and Temple, Texas. The company reports that its 20-acre greenhouse in Texas is the largest lettuce greenhouse in the world.

Tom Thompson of Revol Greens said recently that the company continues to employ about 100 people at the Cummings Valley greenhouse. The operation is highly mechanized from planting to packaging.

“We grow both organically and conventionally, to include head lettuce and baby leaf varieties of lettuce,” Thompson said. Among the company’s products is a 3-count butterleaf lettuce sold in a 3-count clamshell at Sam’s Club and Costco.

The Cummings Valley is perfect for growing healthy salad greens with mild temperatures throughout the

year, the company states on its website. “Over 90% of our light needs in our growing operation are provided by the sun, and Tehachapi provides an ample amount of that with 275 days of sunshine per year.”

At the epicenter of Arizona, California and Nevada grocery distribution hubs where limited water needs are top of mind, this location can reach most of the West Coast within a day’s drive, according to the website.

The company says production at the 16-acre greenhouse is equivalent to

480 acres of lettuce farmed outdoors and saves 304 million gallons of water per year compared to growing lettuce outdoors. From the Tehachapi location, Revol Greens is able to reach 49 million consumers within 24 hours of harvest. The company estimates it can reach about 70% of consumers nationwide.

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