Here’s what I’ve learned in 2020

David Vivas Jr. is the pastor at World Harvest International Church in Delano.



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Couch’s Corner

The year 2020 has been a challenging and turbulent year for many of us. It was a year of loss and gain for so many people. These challenges have caused me to develop my faith in God and his word (the sacred scriptures). My hope and confidence in him has strengthened, not weakened. I have a greater appreciation for those in my life. I’ve never been materialistic, though we all like nice things. Yet there is no comparison between material things and loved ones. Even more so, nothing greater than my Lord Jesus Christ. No amount of wealth can be a substitute to my loyalty to his lordship over my life. This is not something I speak of; it is a lifestyle of integrity and faith. As we enter the New Year of 2021, there is still much uncertainty concerning the pandemic, economy and future of our nation. My hope is not in a political party, a religious denomination, the economy or in what people say. All of the above will eventually disappoint. The only one who will not disappoint is Jehovah God Almighty. He is a true and loyal friend who will not backstab or lie to you. You can take it to the bank: Jesus Christ will walk with you through every storm in life and will never leave you alone. Have faith in God, for with God, all things are possible if you only believe. (Mark 9:23) I invite you to follow my Facebook page at www. vivas.