McFarland school district gets $5K donation for science kits




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Browning Road STEAM Academy received a generous boost to its efforts to engage students during distance learning with a $5,000 donation from a local community philanthropist Idalia C. Ablin. Funds will be directly applied toward student items such as home science kits. The good news was given to the McFarland Unified School District after representatives from Centric Health and Clinica Del Valle experienced the unique technology and programs at the Browning Road STEAM Academy campus. “I always love an opportunity to show people our Browning Road campus and all it has to offer our students,” said McFarland Unified Superintendent Aaron Resendez. “It’s great to be able to actually show people what our students are accomplishing here and the impact it has on our whole community. “Of course, with COVID-19 restrictions and schools on distance learning, many students have not been able to be hands-on with much of the technology on campus,” Resendez said. “That is why this donation is so crucial for the students at Browning Road STEAM Academy. “Our teachers have done an incredible job with instruction during distance learning,” the superintendent said. “But unfortunately, many of our students have not had access at home to hands-on tools, such as science kits, which are so crucial for a student’s progress in STEM.” Idalia C. Ablin is a family nurse practitioner, board-certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and licensed by the state of California to provide family-centered healthcare to all spectrum of ages. To learn more about the technology and programs offered at Browning Road STEAM Academy, please visit the McFarland Unified School District’s website: www. If you have direct questions, please reach out to District Superintendent Aaron Resendez. McFarland Unified School District is a basic skills district where reading, writing, mathematics and responsibility comprise the foundation for the educational program The district strives to enhance a positive and creative atmosphere for in-service training, develop effective teaching strategies, improve home-school communication and instill a sense of community within the district.