The Tehachapi I.Q. Test©



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How much do you know about Tehachapi and the surrounding area? Take this weekly quiz and find out! Correct answers are at the bottom. by Jon Hammond 1) Where in Tehachapi is the building identified by the sign in the photo at the top? A. St. Jude’s B. West Park C. St.Malachy’s D. CentralPark 2) What year did Cummings Valley Elementary School open in its current location? A. 2008 B. 1990 C. 1983 D. 2001 3) Prior to the 1920s, what did those who fought fires in the Tehachapi Mountains typically receive for their efforts? A. TickertapeParade B. Beer and Gratitude C. Comprehensive Heath Care D. Paid Vacation Time 4) There used to be Darrieus wind turbines with curving, oval blades on a ridge above Cameron known as Vertical Axis Wind Turbines. What did locals call them? A. Spinnakers B. Eyelets C. Eggbeaters D. QuiltHoops 5) The Nature Conservancy recently announced their newest and largest preserve in California had just been created in the Tehachapi Mountains. A. True B. False 6) What is the main reason that Native Californians leach (rinse with water) flour made from acorns before it is consumed? A. Lighten the color B. Remove insects C. No one knows D. Remove tannins 7) What is the approximate elevation at the summit of Bear Mountain? A. 6,920' B. 8,230' C. 5,980' D. 7,850' 8) Which of these snakes is NOT native to the Tehachapi Mountains? A. Gopher Snake B. Garter Snake C. Corn Snake D. Rubber Boa 9) If you were at the McDonald’s restaurant near Tucker Road, and it was closed so you wanted to go to the nearest McDonald’s, in what general direction would you go? A. West B. North C. South D. East 10) The bird in the photo at the bottom is a male House Sparrow. From where was this nonnative bird originally introduced into the U.S.? A. China B. Norland C. England D. Germany Check your score and skill level! Number of correct answers: 9-10 Oldtimer; 7-8 Local; 5-6 Resident; 3-4 Newcomer; 1-2 Visitor; 0 Try again next week. Test #615