Tehachapi News - 2021-10-13


The Tehachapi I.Q. Test©


1) The man in the upper photo grew up in Tehachapi and had a well-regarded tree trimming business here. Now he owns another one called Arbor Works. What is his name? A. Jack Ryan B. Christopher Pitt C. Chriso Lee D. HeathVenable 2) When it’s snowing in Bear Valley, that means that in the Tehachapi Valley it is…? A. Raining B. Snowing C. Sunny D. Any of the above 3) Which of these Tehachapi fast food franchises serves tacos? A. BurgerKing B. Sonic C. Jack in the Box D. McDonald’s 4) Which of these owls is NOT native to the Tehachapi Mountains? A. Barn Owl B. Great Gray Owl C. Great Horned Owl D. Burrowing Owl 5) There is no county animal shelter in Tehachapi and no immediate plans to put one here. A. True B. False 6) How many peaks are there in the Tehachapi Mountains that reach 8,000 feet or higher? A. Two B. One C. Four D. None 7) Which one of these roads does NOT have a portion that is unpaved? A. Cummings Valley Road B. Cherry Lane C. Old Town Road D. Jeffrey Road 8) If a baby in Mojave took her first steps toward Tehachapi, what direction would she be headed? A. Northwest B. West C. Southeast D. East 9) What is the main color of the pole and housing of the City of Tehachapi’s clock near the depot? A. Black B. Green C. Gold D. White 10) The barbed wire with ice droplets in the Tehachapi photo below is called “entanglement wire.”What was it originally designed to confine? A. Cattle B. Horses C. Humans D. Sheep Check your score and skill level! Number of correct answers: 9-10 Oldtimer; 7-8 Local; 5-6 Resident; 3-4 Newcomer; 1-2 Visitor; 0 Try again next week. Test #602 Answers: 1) C, 2) D, 3) C, 4) B, 5) True, 6) D, 7) C, 8) A, 9) B, 10) C


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